Modern Mystic

A letting in of the wild edges has expanded my consciousness and re-awakened an old heightened connection to the numinous rhythmic beauty of decay and renewal that is the spirit of Cosmic Nature. Decades of global travel and a curious mind have led to a remembering of the old ways where answered an ancient calling serving as guardian of the White Spring in Glastonbury.

Equally I am fascinated by the nebulous meeting points of modern science and mysticism where contiguous patterns and new understandings are emerging. Enriched by the shining people encountered along the way, I have sat at their feet under the cold stars and breathed in the petrichor of their wisdoms at frosty sunrise. I have drowned in the heart-soaked broken-open alchemy of lost love, learnt to cherish the rocks of grief and felt the shining resonant chords of vibrations that are the unbreakable connections of love. My mirror shattered, I have faced that dark looking glass into the presence of the awesome divine feminine and been blessed with self and Earth healing. I have learnt to see and honour the light between us.

As a mystical girl in a material world I am passionate about connecting others to their own cosmic potential and wisdoms as I believe everyone carries their own starry Oracle within.

This is my open heart’s offering to the tender soul-spinning mindful ways of the 21st Century Wild Woman.