Pointing Star

In the night sky, wild and disordered with stars, if you can find the useful Pointer or Pointing Stars you are lucky and will always be able to find your way home. This is because they point to the North Star, Polaris, which is always at true North.

If you are setting out on a journey it is always wise to know a little celestial navigation, and after all what are we but Cosmos Mariners; destination unknown?

Pointing Star explores ways of living more deeply and dying well.



Pointing Star Ceremonies are modern spiritual ceremonies for significant occasions in your life. They are delicately drawn from sacred Celtic rituals and threaded with the wisdoms of many world traditions. Each ceremony is written especially for you and those you love.

Pointing Star can create two styles of ceremony; Heart Ceremonies are suitable for all occasions and venues. Soul Ceremonies are for those times when you wish to journey deeper.

I am an independent Celebrant trained in the sensitive skills of writing and creating beautiful spiritual ceremonies and rituals, by Green Fuse, award winning Funeral Directors of Totnes Devon. I am APT accredited and a supporter of natural green burials and the DeathCafe.com movement.