Petalguru Flower Mists


Petalguru is the distillation of my passion for flowers. It has led in the past to a successful career as a designer florist with my own rural flower shop, Suffolk Flower Mill, where I received national acclaim in an article written in Country Living magazine in June 2011.

I have always felt a lambent tenderness towards roses, intoxicated by their complex multipetalled loveliness and hypnotic fragrances. As a florist I specialised in locally grown highly perfumed old garden varieties. I noticed that when working daily with these fresh botanicals that I personally flourished and my sense of well being increased.

This led me to explore the links between us and the alchemy of a flower’s energies, its subtle vibrations, wondering how we interact. All matter is energy vibrating at a subatomic level and so we are all connected in a mind blowing intricate cosmic dance whether we realise it or not. The universe is bigger than we know.

The relationship of cut flowers to water particularly fascinates me. Science is revealing more states and properties of water than were previously thought to exist, amongst them is that strangely water holds a memory, a blueprint of whatever solids with which it has come into contact. Even further than that, it has been shown that water crystals respond to whatever form of consciousness is directed at them; blossoming into spectacular symmetrical beauty when love is expressed, or reacting in shrinking twisted formations when bombarded with hatred. It is no great leap of imagination then to wonder if water becomes charged with a flower’s energy.

My essences are charged with this flower energy and held in a very special kind of water. I gather two kinds of sacred water for my different Mists. There is Red Spring water from the much loved Chalice Well in Glastonbury. This holy well has drawn pilgrims from all over the world for many centuries seeking its healing properties. It rises from extraordinarily deep underground at a constant flow and temperature and is rich in iron hence its reddish colour.
White Spring water is also collected at source by me and used in different Mists. This legendary Spring rises at the base of Glastonbury Tor and is artesian water. It has percolated for thousands of years through the labyrinthine Tor and is said to have gathered its healing and magic.

A beautiful delicate flower is a pure example of life expressing itself with the single purpose of becoming the fullest potential of itself that it can possibly be, no matter how transient. What perfect energy! Combine this with precious mysterious water and there is alchemy. It is in fact recognised that working as a Florist is top of the list of ‘feel good’ professions as what could be nicer than continuous contact with fresh flowers and water.

This is why flower essences work when we absorb them whether as mists or elixirs. This is why I make them with love. This is why they will make you feel good. Oh and I’ve added a twist, I’ve stirred into the mix the wonder of solar and lunar cycles and made the essences at positive times. Why? Because we need light, the sun is our source of life, our star and we are stardust responding to it in ways that we have yet to understand. And the moon? Well it pulls the tides across our earth and we are over 70% water so our bodies must naturally ebb and flow with it.

Being receptive to flower energies feels like a tonic in much the same way as spending time in nature makes us feel good when we are tired, distracted or stressed. They refresh and invigorate in a gentle healing harmonising of energy and emotions, attuning us to Source, until we become imbued with flowing serenity and are grounded.

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